The Be Well Center - 7 steps to wellness

Dr. Wills offers her patients a 7-Step wellness approach to achieve great health

 I Bar Programs incorporate this approach to promote health and wellness. Dr. Wills has successfully utilized these key practices to maintain and maximize her own health, and the health of many of individuals from age 18 to 95+.

I Bar offers healing modalities and treatments to supplement this foundation of healing to maximize your health.

1.) Be Willing to Be Well

Are you willing to let go of the idea of being sick?
Are you willing to let go of all that you get out of being sick (i.e., attention, time off from work, etc.)?
Are you ready to acknowledge that at your core, you are well in spite of all the diagnoses with which you have been labeled?
Are you present to the idea that all disease is the result of cumulative negative thoughts and interactions?

2.) Look for Opportunities to Create Wellness

Do you wake rested because you allowed yourself enough time for rest?
Do you allow yourself the proper time to peacefully and unhurriedly begin and move through your day?
Is your first thought in the morning one of love and gratitude?
Is your daily dialogue with yourself and others filled with loving (or judgmental) thoughts?
At least once a week, do you engage in an activity that allows you to be creative?
Have you created a work/home environment full of laughter, joy, creativity, connectedness, love and peace?
Are you creating a space for you and others to flourish?
When you create opportunities and an environment for others and yourself to be well, you reinforce and raise the vibration (energy) of healing for all.

3.) Understand & Leverage the Power of Nutrition,Digestion & Detoxification

Do you know which foods and food groups are healing and why?
Are you aware of the benefits of a plant-rich diet?
If you eat meat, why is it important to eat organic, wild/free-range meat?
Do you know the health complications associated with “The Great White Diet” (white flour and sugar)?
Do you know which fruits and vegetables to buy organic and why?
What is the health benefit of anti-oxidants?
Are you designing your meals to support wellness and healing?
Do you use healing, anti-inflammatory herbs and spices liberally in cooking?
Are you aware of the key nutrients needed for maximal detoxification and elimination?
Do you know that medications and substances may reduce the detoxification process and elimination of disease promoting substances?
Are you consuming a High Fiber Diet (rich in Kale, Collard Greens, seeds, fruits, etc.)?
Are you having regular, healthy bowel movements to eliminate disease-promoting toxins?

4.) Give Often, Be Compassionate & Trust

Are you willing to wake up every morning and ask yourself what you might give that day... and then following through?
Are you aware of the quality of energy you are offering throughout your day? Is it loving, judgmental, peaceful, and critical, etc.?
Do you pay attention to what your energy is creating moment-to-moment, day-to-day?
Are your predominant interactions and thoughts extensions of love to yourself and others?
Throughout the day, do you look for opportunities to give (a smile, joke, hug, nice note, compliment, lighten someone else’s load, etc.)?
If others are having a difficult time, how do you interact or think of them?
Do see yourself as them, and offer what you would want to receive OR,
Do you judge them?
Are you staying present to the fact that all thoughts and interactions are either promoting healing or sickness?
Do you know and trust that there is a universal order that has everything under control, and surrender to that power in you?

5.) Speak and Hold Only Positive Loving Thoughts

Do you know two of the most powerful drivers of disease are judgment and fear?
Are your conversations with others loving?
Are you aware of when you are judging yourself and others?
Are you awake to the powerful effect of this judging on your health and life?
What is the tone of your daily internal dialogue with yourself?

6.) Maintain A Loving Vision

Do you focus all of your attention on all that is working in your life?
Are you giving attention to what is not working?
Are you focusing on the best in yourself and others, and verbalizing it often?
Have you adopted a practice of “visioning” to determine what your Self would guide you to do and be?
Do you have a regular Gratitude practice? i.e., Gratitude Walks in Nature, Gratitude journal, daily practice to find all the things to be thankful for, etc.

7.) Meditate Daily

Every morning, are you willing to establish a connection with your higher power to establish a peaceful, loving tone for your day?
Are you awake to your intuition, and do you follow it?
Do you value yourself and others enough to take this time to connect with the Source of all healing?
Are you aware of all of the direct healing affects of meditation, i.e., decreased stress, inflammation, blood pressure, pain and the development of disease?

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