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Step 5: Speak and Hold Only Positive Loving Thoughts (The Truth)

Disclaimer:  This blog is for informational purposes only.  Please always consult with a qualified physician before making any changes in your current wellness regimen or discontinuing medications.

Step 5:

Speak and Hold Only Positive Loving Thoughts

(The Truth)

As we progress through these 7 steps of wellness, we are called to wake up, and become aware and responsible for each of our thoughts.  If we have an intention to live a more conscious, loving, peaceful, abundant, and well life, we must be responsible for all that we create.

It is important for me to remember that in every moment of Now…I AM creating.  I can choose to create in alignment with the Divine/Universe where all power and goodness resides; OR, I can choose to make up a life devoid of love, peace, abundance, joy and health.

As many of you already know, all of our power is always in this moment of NOW.  The past and future are non-existent and if we choose to focus our attention on either of them, we lose the infinite wisdom and power that is available to us in each moment of the present.

One can see how important this step becomes in creating the healthy, wealthy, loving and joyous life that we are entitled to share.  This step asks each of us to be consistently awake to EVERY thought we are holding.  Then, we must ask ourselves if the thought is true.  The truth test simply is: 

Is this a loving thought that supports all life, and diminishes no one? If the answer is, yes, then, hold it and speak it often to uplift yourself and the planet If the answer is, no, then do some work around why you are choosing to hold that thought Learn from it.  Do not just dismiss it; there is a learning opportunity that you could receive in this moment that allows you to expand and evolve

The bottom line, is that when we are speaking and holding LOVE, we are speaking and affirming the Truth, thereby, supporting, uplifting, and healing all life.  This step compels us to speak the Truth to claim the power we collectively share in creating our One life.  In this effort, we must consciously and consistently speak and hold only love (the Truth) in thought.

The moment we choose anger, hate, greed, impatience, prejudice, judgment, and so on, we are choosing a life of separation.  This life of separation is only concerned with preserving a small life with our few material possessions, friends, family members, and experiences.  This life will always be small no matter how many bobbles, doodads, and money we may accumulate.

If we choose thoughts of separation instead of those of love, we are turning our backs on the unlimited abundance the Universe offers.  It is only when choose uniting thoughts of LOVE that we are available to create with Universal Intelligence.  It is with this Intelligence that all creation takes place, and then, we turn our backs on any motivation or desire to live a little, disconnected, and selfish life.

This expression of loving thoughts must be authentic.  If it is contrived and done from a place of trying “to get” or acquire something, we are not conscious and in alignment with the Divine.  We then abdicate our power to create.  We simply spin our wheels and make up a life devoid of love, peace, abundance, health, etc.

You might ask, “Why is a medical doctor writing about this?  What does this have to do with my health?”.  Well, it has everything to do with our experience of wellness.  To the extent to which we can remain in alignment and creating with the Divine, we will experience abundance and love in all ways, including our health.  It is our alignment with the Divine that our vibration (energy) is the highest.  This high vibration (energy state) is protective against all illness and disease.

As many of us already know, disease is the result of a breakdown in our connection with the Divine that is reflected in unloving thoughts, and then behavior.  When we are One (or in alignment) with Universal Intelligence, there is no breakdown in our connection with the Source of All health, wealth, peace, etc.

The more we truly love, the more connected we are, the higher our vibration, and the more protected we are from disease because we are connected with the Source of all wellness.  We are not asking our bodies to embody these negative, misaligned thoughts…eventually, manifesting as disease.

Where is the proof?…

Well, science is now supporting the fact that when we speak and hold the Truth (Love), we allow healing to occur. The below studies illustrate the power individuals have on their loved one’s health when they hold and speak loving thoughts (or when they do not).

*Effects of remote, retroactive intercessory prayer on outcomes in patients with bloodstream infection: randomised controlled trial (Leibovici, L. BMJ, 2001; 323: 1450-1451)

-Studied 3393 patients with a bloodstream infection detected on admission to the hospital to determine if remote, retroactive, intercessory prayer as an intervention impacted their outcomes

-This remote, retroactive, intercessory prayer was prayer done by one individual on behalf of others (intercessory) that was done from a distance for people with an infection in the past

-The patients who were prayed were admitted to the hospital1990-96, however, the prayer occurred in 2000

-There was a control group receiving NO prayer and an intervention group receiving prayer; the patients and hospital staff had no knowledge of the prayer as an intervention

-The person offering the prayer for the group prayed for the well-being and full recovery of the group as a whole

-Bottom Line:  People with a bloodstream infection receiving this form of prayer had fewer deaths (though not “statistically significant”, there was a small difference between groups),  significantly shorter hospital stays and shorter duration of fever

-This study is extremely important in highlighting the power of prayer/love to breakthrough our concepts of time to heal

-Interestingly, the author of the study was intending to disprove Alternative Medicine with scientific research…but he did the opposite (McTaggart L. “The Intention Experiment”, 2007, 161-2.)

*The Hopkins Study (Grooves et al. Cancer Detection and Prevention,1991; 15 (1): 59-64)

-1,100 male students were evaluated for the degree their closeness with their parents had on cancer development

-Bottom Line: After 50 years, cancer rates correlated with the degree of closeness the medical students shared with their parents

* Impact of Compassion and a Sense of Community on Heart Disease (Seeman, TE and SL Syme, Psychosomatic Med, 1987; 49 (4) 341-54.

-This study looked at 149 men & women with angina (chest pain)

-Before having cardiac catherization (procedure to evaluate heart), they were assessed for their sense that they were loved and supported

-Bottom Line:  Patients with the greatest perception of love and support had the least amount of heart disease found during the procedure

*Impact of Social Support on Depression and Cardiac Death Rate (Frasure-Mith, et al, Circulation, 2000; 101: 1919-24)

-They evaluated 887 patients 1 year after their heart attacks

-Patients who were most depressed had the highest risk for cardiac -related death

-Of those with depression, those who felt supported had a decreased mortality rate

*Optimism’s Impact on Health (Giltay, E. Archives of Gen Psych, 2004; 61: 1126-1135)

-Studied 999 men & women for 9 years

-The optimist group had 55% lower risk of death from all causes and 23% lower risk of cardiovascular deaths

-Bottom Line: It was not just living a healthier lifestyle that accounted for optimists good health because when matched to pessimists with healthy lifestyles, optimists still were healthier

* Mayo Clinic Study on Pessimism on Health (“Mayo Clinic Study Finds Optimistic People Live Longer,” Mayo Clinic Rochester News, Feb. 8, 2000)

-800 patients over 30 years

-Pessimists had a 19% higher rate of early death compared to optimists

*Positive Emotions (Thoughts) have led to:

-Increased Longevity (Danner 2001)

-Reduced Morbidity (Goldman 1996)

-Increased Cognitive Flexibility (Ashby 1999)

-Improved Memory (Isen 1978)

-Improved Decision Making (Carnevale 1886)

-Improved Job Performance (Wright 1994)

-Improved Problem Solving (Estrada 1997)

I hope that these studies help to emphasize that our thoughts are powerful and healing.  It is important to consistently and consciously express our authentic, loving thoughts to remain well, and heal ourselves, others and the planet.

There is nothing our loving thoughts cannot heal.  It is our responsibility to stay awake to our thoughts and create from this place of Power and Intelligence.   The Power is exercised in every moment of Now that we choose to Speak a Loving Thought or simply Hold it in the Universal Consciousness.

In Esther and Jerry Hicks’ Book “Ask and It is Given”, Esther as a Channel shares that the only reason people who have lost arms/legs do not grow them back…is because they do not they think can.  She shares that when we hold a thought (loving and unattached) as Truth with Universal Consciousness, the Law of Attraction must respond in like kind.  But, we must hold it as true, and not be attached to receiving.


With Love, Be Well.

Nayo Wills, M.D.


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