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Step 6: Maintain A Loving Vision

Written by Nayo Wills, M.D. on November 14th, 2010

Loving Vision is a function of our natural state.  It is in a mother’s smile watching her child walk for the first time.  It is in a father’s eyes as he teaches his child to ride his/her first bike.  It is in the warm salutation that you extend to a “stranger” on the street.  It is in the look of patience that you wear when the small part of you wants to hate or argue, but instead you choose to love and forgive (yourself).

Maintaining a loving vision is one of the most healing practices we can exercise, for ourselves and the planet.  It requires that we stop seeing ourselves as separate, and instead start seeing every person as an opportunity to practice: compassion, forgiveness, love, and understanding.  Not for the other person by for our One True Self.

Our whole world is colored by how we choose to see ourselves and our circumstances, be they financial, physical, mental, emotional or relational. Changing the world we see, starts by first accepting that no person is separate from any one of us.  Therefore, it becomes intelligent to see every person and circumstance with an open heart and loving vision.  When I can see the Divine or Universal Intelligence in myself as being connected to the same Divine or Universal Intelligence in others, then I am up to something good.
When we surrender fear, judgment and a sense of separation from others, we are opening up our 6th Chakra.  This is the doorway to connecting with wisdom, insight, new ideas, intuition, and true intelligence.  When we free our channel with the Divine of any negative, obstructive energy, we are allowing for a greater expression of Universal Intelligence to flow through us.

To allow the expression of the Universal Intelligence to flow through us, we are always being asked to choose what is more important:

Holding on to “my world” limited by fear, judgment, separation, anger, and disappointment, OR Surrendering that small world for true vision, insight, and intelligence which is dependent on how I choose to see myself, others, and the Universe

True Vision is being able to see the Divine in a person irrespective of your/his/her behavior.  It is a recognition that at our core we are all a part of a shared Consciousness that in its essence is perfect.

Loving vision asks that every time you see your brother, you see yourself (your presence) and ask  ”How am I going to choose to see, treat and be with myself”.  If we could all ask ourselves this question throughout our day, everyday, the world could be healed in an instant.  Loving vision would have everyone choosing to offer love to him/her Self in every instant.  To do so, we must remain awake to the fact that every interaction is  an exchange with our Self, and not some “person” with a different face.

Does science support a healing effect of loving vision?

Neuroendocrinolgists (doctors who look at our brain/nervous system and hormone function) have looked at the impact Love vs. Stress has on the body.  We now know love and optimism support the part of the Nervous System that promotes wellness and healing (including improved immunity, mood, sense of well-being, and overall health).  Whereas stress, drives the part of our nervous system that leads to heart disease, and decreased immunity, mood, memory, brain/nerve health, and overall health.   (Tobias Esch et al. Neuroendocrinology Letters No.3 June Vol.26, 2005) In  a study of 999 men and women over 9 years, those defined as optimists living healthy lifestyles had a 55% lower risk of death from all causes and 23% lower risk of cardiovascular death compared to pessimists living healthy lifestyles ( Gltay, E.  Archives of General Psychiatry, Nov. 2004; Vol 61: 1126-1135)

Take a step toward reconnecting with your/our Source of Wellness.  Practice loving vision with yourself and others.  Choose today to put down your criticisms, judgments, presuppositions, etc.

See God in everyone, and start with yourself.

Be Well,

Nayo Wills, M.D.


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