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The Healthy Girl Routine- Part 1

Written by Nayo Wills, M.D. on October 8th, 2012

Disclaimer:  The following is for informational purposes only. Do not use for diagnosis or treatment. Consult with a qualified doctor to determine the best approach and treatment for you.


This is for the woman who is committed to being well and willing to step into her power!  And yes, there is one coming for the men. 

1.  Reset your internal clock and wake up 45-60 minutes earlier. (Open up all of your Chakras, especially your Sixth and Seventh Chakras)

This will require you to shift your sleep schedule and go to bed earlier
Early morning, is one of the most sacred and creative times of the day.  Center yourself, and be on solid foundation to create in the remainder of your day
This also works to shift your endocrine and other physiologic systems into balance and into a state of health. It has been said, every hour of sleep you get before midnight is worth two hours after midnight

2.Use your mornings to nurture your soul.

Meditate every morning for at least 15-60 minutes everyday, no matter what. Be clear that you are worth the time to reconnect with your heart’s desire, your Higher Self. If your mind starts racing, just keep coming back to follow your breath Meditation alone will transform your health and take years off your body. Beyond any cosmetic surgery. There is nothing any doctor or pharmacy can offer that is stronger than the power of your Higher Mind and your ability to co-create with your Higher Self
Take a walk in nature. Connect to the Oneness of Life
Read something inspirational and that supports you in having a great day A Course in Miracles, The Daily Word, a book of quotes, The Bible, The Koran, The Torah, Bhagavad Gita, etc.
Give thanks in advance for the beautiful day that lies before you. Sit until you feel gratitude filling your heart

3. Eat an energy boosting breakfast. Enjoy:

An organic, green drink with detoxifying greens (fresh kale, spinach, parsley/cilantro, mint, ginger, lemon, small amount of apple, bitter melon, and celery) at least 3 times a week
Every morning have a healthy protein (organic, plain Greek yogurt; boiled eggs; leftover protein from dinner)
Small amount of healthy fat (i.e. a slice of avocado, tsp. of raw coconut oil, tsp. fish oil, tsp. of nut butter, etc.)
Organic Green tea, skip coffee if possible (skip sugar, honey, agave, and artificial sweeteners)
Minimize carbs in the morning as much as possible (toast, pancakes, rolled oats, etc.) Too many carbs in the morning throws your cravings off all day. It also promotes inflammation, disease, and premature aging by disrupting your blood sugar, insulin, and hormone balance It also supports the deposition of fat/adipose in the abdominal area

4. On your way to work, see how many things you can find to be thankful. Is there someone you can support or help (something as simple as holding the door open, letting someone go ahead of you in traffic)?

Everything you sincerely give must come back (Law of Vibration and Law of Cause and Effect) As women, it is especially important that in all we do we are holding a nurturing and supportive space for everyone we interact with The feminine energy is the context and support that allows all of life to thrive Take this seriously and look to provide this context everywhere you go

5. At work or home throughout the day, be still for a moment before you start creating and working. Allow some time for guidance over your activities to come

As the feminine, we are charged with maintaining a connection to and space for the creative force of the Universe, God, and our Higher Selves to flow.  Our clear and centered connection allows others to connect and create from this centered and connected space as well (especially, important to hold for all children and men in our space) So, pause to hold a space for the being-ness of the Universe to come through and guide all action and activity


Stay Tuned for Part 2…


Be Well!


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