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The Heart the Key to Wellness: Part 3

Written by Nayo Wills, M.D. on September 28th, 2012

The heart is the path of love and a Higher Life for you. You can break the pattern of responding from a place of fear by:

Choosing to stop or pause in the moment.  This may not mean that you can physically leave the situation or interaction, but you can refrain from making a decision or responding until you have time to more deeply connect to your heart for a more holistic response or course of action. Identify yourself as the subject and the fearful thought or emotion as the object. If you’re noticing the fear, you cannot be the fearful thought or situation. So watch it, and allow it to come to the surface. Ask yourself ‘Does this fear look familiar?’ If so, make a choice whether you want to continue to relive it.  Be willing to surrender your position and need to be right or know that a certain outcome is eminent. Begin to breathe into the area of your heart center. Find something for which to be thankful. Return to your day with a willingness to remain connected. Make all decisions, interact, and create from this space in your heart. Throughout the day, scan your body to notice if you are holding tension anywhere. If you are, you are shifting out of alignment. Reconnect to your heart’s energy with heart focused breathing and find something for which you can be thankful.

Be Well!


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