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Your Heart: Your Key to Lasting Wellness

Written by Nayo Wills, M.D. on August 15th, 2012

Scientist are now confirming that the same creative Universal Energy that creates all of life, can be localized to each of our hearts.  This Energy creates the physical heart and the heart energy drives the development and state of health of the body.

Our hearts are the space of our Higher Mind or Spirit.  The heart is the seat of Spiritual Energy that is constantly available for us to maintain a Divine Connection with our Higher Selves.

We know the heart as a physical organ that circulates blood, oxygen and nutrients to the physical body.  However, the heart is so much more than this.  Wellness is actually maintained by the energy that resides in the heart through coherence.

Coherence is simply a state where all physical processes are working in cooperation to support the health of the organism, and it is the heart that controls this process.  Through coherence, the heart communicates with the brain and directs it on its course of action to maintain wellness.  The brain with the heart will then utilize different chemicals and signals to direct the rest of the body how to respond to maintain a state of wellness.

In a state of perceived stress, if accessed, the heart has the capacity to interpret the experience more holistically and lovingly.  The heart can then direct the brain to respond in a more compassionate and useful way.  So you can see, if properly tapped into, it is the heart that gives us access to wellness and True Intelligence.

We want to begin to access our heart’s energy and be guided in all our activity via this energy because every time we perceive stress, and then, interpret and assimilate it as a negative experience, we are initiating harmful, unhealthy physical processes.  With time, the accumulation of these negative interpretations and subsequent physical reactions will lead to disease and the breakdown of the body.

Each of us can know whether we live in a state of coherence by accessing how we feel.  If I am in a constant state of appreciation, acceptance, compassion, generosity, love and forgiveness, then I am guided by my heart energy and my heart ensures wellness by maintaining coherence.

The practice of maintaining a state of coherence is one that will support lasting physical and mental wellness through a deep connection with Spirit through following our hearts.


Be Well,

Nayo Wills, MD


For more information on achieving and maintaining coherence, you may schedule an appointment with Dr. Nayo Wills

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