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Nayo Wills, M.D. is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine physician who has been practicing Functional and Integrative Medicine for over 10 years.  As a motivational and wellness speaker, Dr. Nayo is passionate about giving people back their power to create health and wellness in themselves.  An engaging and fun speaker, she loves to connect with her audience infusing laughter and play into her workshops, seminars, and trainings.

As a clinician, Dr. Nayo enjoys working with individuals who are interested in self-directed healing and optimization of their health.  She shares her understanding that everyone can prevent disease, regain whole health and wellness, and optimize their weight through mastery of their thoughts, implementation of proper nutrition, exercise, and other restorative practices, including meditation.

Dr. Nayo has extensive training and experience in spirit-mind-body medicine, metaphysics, acupuncture, weight optimization and nutritional healing.  Her training journey began at the University of Virginia earning her B.A. in Anthropology, she obtained her M.D. at Jefferson Medical College, and completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Washington Hospital Center. She has completed all six modules with the Functional Medicine Institute, Dr. Lee’s Hormone Workshop, Women’s Wellness Workshops, the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine Board Course, Medical Acupuncture Training and much more. 

Dr. Nayo was a professional speaker for the Glaxo-Smith-Kline Pharmaceutical Company for over five years.  She routinely provided presentations to both groups of physicians and other medical professionals, as well as members of the local communities she supported.

Since then, Dr. Nayo has been engaging and speaking to groups of patients, spiritual community members, and medical professionals to support them in maintaining and recreating wellness in their lives and communities.

Speaking Topics: Broken down by venues/platforms


Churches/Spiritual Organizations                        


  • Use your Spiritual Connection to Create A Well Life: Stop the Effects of Stress
  • 10 Practices for A Well Life, Mind and Body
  • Are your hormones supporting a Well Life, Mind and Body?
  • Creating the energy to live the life you want



Physician Conferences/Associations & Residency Programs


  • Spirituality and Doctor Patient Relationship
  • Bringing Your Spiritual Self To The Exam Room
  • Your Heart the Key to Supporting Wellness


Corporations and Organizations


  • A Doctor’s Real Prescription for Wellness
  • Are You Just Surviving or Thriving?
  • Your Heart the Key to Supporting Wellness



Universities & Medical Schools 


  • How to Prevent Fatigue to Maintain a Well Life, Mind and Body as a Medical student
  • A Doctor’s Advice to Medical Students for Maintaining Wellness
  • Your Heart the Key to Supporting Wellness


Nayo is a rare find. Nayo has an amazing amount of spiritual knowledge coupled with her extensive knowledge as a medical doctor that enables her to impart a balanced application of knowledge to her students. Nayo’s workshop series was truly amazing and well designed. The workshops gave me a true understanding of the impact my thoughts and behaviors have on my health as well as the tools that I needed to restore balance to my system and maintain it. Nayo is excellent at answering questions during the workshops that engage the participants in the discussion and really stimulates great discussions. I am truly grateful for all of the remarkable changes that Nayo’s workshops have helped me bring into my life. I highly recommend attending one of the workshops, so that you can see for yourself!

-Chibale W.

Nayo’s approach to wellness is wholistic. She teaches you how to combine self compassion with accountability and empathy with empirical rigor to manifest outcomes aligned with your true purpose. Nayo has guided me through the fundamentals of using my inner toolkit to realize my wellness goals.


Dr. Wills provides a welcoming forum that allows for individuals to come together and share experiences and gain useful information to increase health and wellness.

-Toni W.