The Be Well Center - Why Be Well

Because under the current healthcare system:

1. Chronic Illness is increasing at astronomical rates

  • Leading to a decreased sense of well-being, happiness and vitality 
  • 45% of Americans are experiencing at least one chronic disease. 
  • Including heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, and cancer.
  • These diseases are some of the most expensive and preventable illnesses 
  • 7 out of 10 deaths are caused by chronic disease1.

2. People on chronic medications are experiencing more adverse reactions (ADRs). 

  • So not only are people not getting well on medications, but they are actually often experiencing side effects as a result of their treatment. 
  • One study noted that in hospitalized patients, 2 million had serious ADRs, and >100,000 fatal ADRs 
  • Adverse reactions 4-6th leading cause of death in U.S. 2

3. Healthcare is costing individuals and families thousands of dollars each year. 

  • Average Annual Healthcare cost estimated at $13,000 per family of four.
  • 3 out of every 4 healthcare dollars is spent on managing chronic diseases1

4. 1/3 of deaths in the U.S. are tied to unhealthy behaviors:

  • smoking
  • poor nutrition
  • lack of physical activity

Bottom Line: The current medical/healthcare model is not supporting wellness, longevity, and vitality.

It is no longer serving us.

So why Be Well?
At The Be Well Center, we recognize the sobering healthcare trends, and that people are experiencing sickness more than ever. We work with clients to change thoughts, behavior, perspectives, and activity to positivity impact health and well-being while preventing illness and unnecessary spending.

We use the best of Modern Western and Integrative Medicine, Spirit-Mind-Body Techniques, and Acupuncture to support self-directed healing, lasting wellness, longevity and vitality.

The Be Well Center's Mission:

  • To share successful healing strategies while shifting our consciousness to allow each of us to optimize his/her health
  • To redefine the trend in the healthcare system from one in which individuals have something done to them to one in which each person reclaims the power to restore/maintain his/her health
  • Through a variety of programs and services, the client taps into his/her Indwelling power to heal him/herself while leveraging the best of Modern Western and Integrative Medicine, Spirit-Mind-Body Techniques and Acupuncture
  • To support abundance by offering strategies to support health and well-being over the long-term, and ultimately requiring less unnecessary spending to bandage chronic diseases

All services and programs are carefully designed by Dr. Nayo and the client to allow each client to reclaim his/her innate ability to heal him/herself and be well!

1 National Coalition of Health., Sept. 2009.
2 Larzarou et al. JAMA. 1998;279:1200-1205.

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